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Recent Press

Trevor Ronde, That Metal Station
"Dead Swarm is going to destroy the Arizona metal scene."
Rev BJ McBride, OurCityRadio, DBMS
"Dead Swarm—that sticks in your head… you [Dead Swarm] sound really cool… A mixture between old school 80s/90s flavor but you guys also interject the modern day thing, too… You guys are doing a great job at it; it’s definitely a cool, cool style. I enjoy listening to it myself… Keep it brutal."
Lauren Wise, Phoenix New Times
"Dead Swarm is all about the experimental metal… Expect some great people watching at this show."
Scotty G, The Metal Zone
"Featured Artist: Dead Swarm."

Brief Bio

What would metal sound like on Mars?
Abrasive. Chaotic. Experimental. Dead Swarm took this question to heart in the conception of their first EP, The Swarm is Coming..., released March 11, 2014. Founded in Phoenix, AZ at the start of 2013, Dead Swarm's approach to metal is dark and aggressive, influenced by the groove of Six Feet Under, Morbid Angel's raw aggression, the technicality of Death, and the driving guitar riffs of early Pig Destroyer...
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